Spirits World

autumn, brown, and cool image cabinets, brown, and disarray image japan, autumn, and theme image nature image japan, light, and pink image architecture and light image

The Nine Worlds

thor, asgard, and Marvel image


Olympus image greek image sky, clouds, and sunset image Temporarily removed aesthetic image aesthetic and game of thrones image


hogwarts, harry potter, and castle image harry potter, aesthetic, and hogwarts image castle, hogwarts, and harry potter image harry potter, hogwarts, and art image harry potter, Halloween, and hogwarts image architecture, castle, and harry potter image


tea, alice in wonderland, and wonderland image heart, green, and nature image water, green, and aesthetic image tea, vintage, and eat me image dark and horror image rose, red, and flowers image

Ruined Wonderland

Image by MayWhatever key, hand, and photography image Image by swan Image by 🕸 blood, broken, and black and white image butterfly, blue, and art image

North Pacific Ocean Kingdom

atlantis, art, and building image underwater and photography image sea, hand, and ocean image ocean, sea, and blue image water image mermaid and sea image


landscape, indonesia, and tropical image blue, dark, and plants image skull, art, and nature image pirate, ship, and sea image grunge, hipster, and nature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


Temporarily removed flowers, rose, and red image beach, nature, and rock image Temporarily removed house image castle, snow, and winter image

Pixie Hollow

fairy, garden, and aesthetic image glitter image tree, aesthetic, and hand image nature and spring image flowers, cottage, and nature image Image by Debra Hollingsworth

Miss Robichaux's Academy

architecture, buildings, and classic image american horror story, coven, and witch image star, demon, and pentagram image dark, black, and architecture image women image fire, book, and magic image

City Of Bones

books, edit, and fandom image books, edit, and fandom image books, edit, and fandom image dark, skull, and red image city of bones image Temporarily removed

Cross Academy

Image by Made By Cyberlife Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, reading, and hand image Temporarily removed blood, vampire, and aesthetic image alternative, hipster, and tumblr image


pink, aesthetic, and gold image Temporarily removed Copyrighted image architecture, photography, and pink image magic, galaxy, and hands image friends image

Moon Kingdom

places, abu dhabi, and city image moon, art, and floor image diamonds and aesthetic image adriata image moon, aesthetic, and blue image moon, silhouette, and skywatch image


green image theme, green, and aesthetic image hands, leaves, and nature image mountains image pink, flowers, and nature image Image removed


japan, flowers, and pink image japan, fan, and geisha image book, japanese, and japan image theme, aesthetic, and rp image flowers, japan, and korea image sun, moon, and eclipse image

Jurassic Park

florida, holidays, and Jurassic Park image Temporarily removed aesthetic, creepy, and dark image adventure, beautiful, and colors image bones, dinosaur, and aesthetic image plants, green, and nature image

Sleepy Hollow

autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, Halloween, and fall image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image dark, flame, and pumpkin image autumn, fall, and nature image dance, forest, and pagan image

Ice Kingdom

water and winter image horse, flowers, and white image winter, snow, and travel image snow, winter, and wallpaper image dress and wolf image castle, snow, and winter image


aesthetic, fairy, and mushroom image flowers, pastel, and aesthetic image pink and aesthetic image fantasy image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, pastel, and pink image