why is the word 'love' such a complicated topic? Some people refer to it as the "big L word", but what's so big about it?

I'm very generous when it comes to love. I love my friends and family, my rabbit, my bed, food, and my history teacher even. I dish out my love to everyone and everything I have.

But people seem to have a problem with saying or hearing it. There's this cute boy I see twice a week on the bus and I think I love him and I would gladly say it to his face. (if we ever speak that is)

Why is love such a sensitive topic? Perhaps I don't understand it because I've never been in an intimate relationship?

Or perhaps I don't know because no one's ever really loved me (apart from family and friends, I'm not that sad). maybe I need to feel intimate love, in order to understand that love is simply too precious to give away carelessly and maybe, just maybe, I'll take the 'L word' more seriously.

But untill then, I'll stick to carelessly loving everything and everyone.