Everything that happened ceases to exist
Curiosity led me here at an end without an exit
This dream, I fashioned out of the sky that is my mind
It affected my senses, I became blind.

I'm trying to grasp the memories I constantly lose,
even though you leave no room for any excuse.
It was just me making memories alone,
the glances you sent me meant nothing at all

Why were your eyes searching for me in the crowd?
I did ignore you, only because I am proud
Why did you go around looking for me?
Your eyes followed me but you told nobody

Girls came and left from your life
all while your eyes pierced me like a knife
Your eyes dilated, I'm sure for you it was a bother,
in my presence they expanded like paint in clear water

Now that I finally have the courage to speak,
To articulate these feelings that make me weak
I confront you with ignorance and eagerness
But the outcome leaves me with a taste of bitterness.

How can you say this was unintentional?
When your body language showed it was conventional
How can you say you've never spoken my name?
I should have known that you were playing a game

When time runs out and the countdown finally starts,
Feelings go crazy and words become scarce
When time stops and you face the problem,
You are vulnerable, brave but solemn.

The idea of you and me made my heart skip a beat,
Around me your gaze was never discrete
Your words caused my heart's immobility
You and me together, I thought it was a possibility.