underrated songs for recovering or when music is a source of release

feeling whitney - Post Malone

city, guitar, and hard rock cafe image home and view image
"I can't even leave my bedroom so I keep pouring"

west - River Tiber and Daniel caesar

Temporarily removed arizona, atardecer, and beautiful image
"On the road. Nowhere to go. The bluest note. I speak in code"

sad girl - Lana Del Rey

lana del rey, aesthetic, and music image aesthetic, bath, and peach image
"im a sad girl, I'm a bad girl"

love is more depressing than depression -shiloh

anime, hands, and spirited away image ghibli image
"I’m sorry I feel no attraction I know that it’s been a minute"

better off -ariana grande

ariana grande, ariana, and sweetener image Temporarily removed
"and if were being honest, id rather your body than half of your heart"

self control - frank ocean

music, tyler the creator, and ofwgkta image singer and frank ocean image
"Keep a place for me, for me"

who hurt you?- Daniel caesar

architecture, atlanta, and hipster image sunflower, flowers, and wallpaper image
"Strange new addictions picked up on the road Changed my opinions and changed up my flows"

wandering romance and - Jorja smith

jorja smith and flowers image jorja smith, beauty, and aesthetic image
"Would it be easier if I stayed at home? Wasting my time on my own And hoping that you'd come along"