Lately, there has been an emergence of philosophical waves through teenagers. The problem is that common doctrines haven't taught us how to deal with this quiestioning,
and adolescents are transforming that trascendent reasoning into anxiety, because what is scarrier than standing in front a mirror and asking your own origins?
Are we even real?

When we consult someone about this matter, they automatically link it with signs of depression or some other negative conditions. Though it is a possibility, there
must be a way to prove it (which, there is; chemically, through scientific method and everything).

We can't simply assume there is something wrong when coming back to our curious nature. We scare the future generations for something that should be normal. And,
I don't mean it as something common, but a social practice dignified and pure.

Don't we see this could actually be a potential aspect of a new era where there is no conformity with how things are? Thinking is now a scarce gift not many can
accept and decipher as easily as others. Denial is backfiring at us with horrible consequences that are too delicate to talk about... or are they? We are cursing young
minds and preventing a healthy flowering of growth.
Maturity is about undesting one's self on its true form, but that takes challenges parents aren't ready for. It is a long and hard path, but life wouldn't put us
through things we can't handle.

If empirical thinking was the absolute form of obtaining knowledge, than it would be a lie, 'cause we are not learning anything, people. Please, don't even get me
started with the educational system... (topic for some other time).

Doubting is not the issue. Caging those questions is. Let them free and learn to pacify them before consumption begin. Only then will true wisdom start, as we aren't
only comformed by light.

What do you think?

Sampere aude,