So I wanted to do my favorite song lyrics but it's midnight and on my chromebook I only have 5 songs downloaded so i'll do it from those songs


You Deserve Better By James Arthur

"Might be what you want, but I'm not what you need, You're better, better than you even realize"

"You deserve better, better, better than me, Might be what you want, but want you to see, You're better off without me in your life"

"You know I loved, I just never showed you, It'll be too late when you're with some other guy"


Love Someone By Lukas Graham

" 'Cause when you love someone, You open up your heart"

"If you love someone, And you're not afraid to lose 'em, You'll probably never love someone like I do"

"All my life, I thought it'd be hard to find, The one 'til I found you, And I find, it bittersweet, 'Cause you gave me something to lose"


Break My Heart Again By Finneas

"I'm sure you're busy now, why else would you ignore me? Or do you need space? You can't help it if your mind has changed"

"Oh, it must be nice, To love someone who lets you break them twice"

"I know it's not the truth when you say, "I'm fine" "

"Kissed me, half a decade later, That same perfume, those same sad eyes"


Let's Fall In Love For The Night By Finneas

"I'm a boy that your boy hoped that you would avoid, Don't waste your, eyes on jealous guys, fuck that noise, I know better than to call you mine"

"You won't stay with me, I know, But you can have your way with me"

"I love it when you talk that nerdy shit, We're in our twenties talking thirties shit"


I chose these lyrics cause I could either relate or liked them! But I hoped you "liked" this article! XD