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We haven't talked in a while , I miss you guys but this month lot happen anyway I prepare lots of reviews I already have two more but you have to wait a little bit more for those , sorry baes.

Let's get into this...

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Before I start I want to warn you about some possibles spoilers if you haven't watch the show yet.
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I saw Elite when it came out, I saw the show in one day, maybe two and I really loved it so much

Probably (or not) you have seen that this program is like a mixture between gossip girl and skam with a little PLL and it is the tea. That's why the show works so well.

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The first thing we see is Samuel covered in blood and everything is so fucking confusing.

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And then they start telling the story from the beginning.
Who and why kill her? Was it Samuel or someone else?

This 3 teens ( who don't look like teenagers at all 'cause when I had 16 I look like I was 12 , and now I have 18 and I still look like that , but this doesn't matter) So, these 3 teenagers had to change schools because the previous one collapsed and these are the lucky ones, right?

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The new school, called Las Encinas, is for very rich people, we all know that they will be targets for these possible problems.

Now let's talk and by talk I mean my opinion with spoilers
  • The relationship between Marina , Nano & Samuel
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This was bad , Marina was playing with this two brothers , this girl have issues about picking the better slice of pizza. Marina being with this two and have this fast relationship that she don't even know if was really love and she chose Nano but then she changed her mind and chose Samuel

Nano trying to runaway because this watch thing who have secrets , actually that was a good reason but ?why with someone you barely know?
Samuel trying to handling all this things going on , I think he was kinda obsessed with Marina in some point.

There a lot of more stuff in this triangle that are not really cute, but I have to keep going...

  • Nadia & Guzmán
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I love them , this is one of the two couples that I actually like but they can't be together , first Guzmán isn't muslim and Nadia's parents hate him , I mean they can be together but in secret (please Netflix let that happen)
I want to talk about Guzmán being a complete asshole in the first episodes, I know a lot of people still don't like this character ,but I can't avoid being me and I think he is golden boy , like when he knew that Marina was dead , I just wanted to cry and hug him plus he is such a sweetheart with Nadia .Since beginning he liked her.

  • Ander & Omar
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Thank u, god for this, that's all I can say , I just love them please do not let break this couple apart , because it's the only hope of love in this show

Do not keep reading if you haven't watched the finale episode
  • The murderer
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When I saw the scene when Polo kill Marina , it was so cruel and Carla covering him and how the police believe him , even when he sees guilty AF show how our society works.
I jus thate this two so fucking much for that , and for using Christian btw bae you're stupid ,say the truth , please money and fame isn't everything.

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Carla, I hate her, but I admire her a little, almost nothing, for having everything so coldly calculated.
Polo , dude WTF it is going on with you , you're a freaking psycho give yourself to the police.

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Nano doesn't deserve any of this , I understand why Samuel said that,he say the truth about what he saw and also he was so scare in that moment but in the end we see him talkiong to Christian knowing that he's brother isnt guilty #freenano

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fortunately for us, we already have a second and a third season confirmed , let's see what happen.

Hope you liked , you can see my other articles