It was morning, the sun was rising and painting a beautiful orange color on the sky. Mar was laying in her bed awake, daydreaming and waiting for her alarm to ring.
I stares at it for seconds and then turn it off, this alarm sometimes can be really annoying. That's how each and every one of my mornings start off. I stand up, put on idfc - blackbear and start staring at my closet trying to think of what the fuck I am going to wear until I realize how late I am and pick anything up from the closet.

- hm - I start moaning to myself - let's try something different today.

I grab a hoodie, some some jeans, some furry purple socks, and a pair of pink sleepers; the only different thing I got are the sleepers, usually I just prefer to wear some sneakers.
As I am getting ready I just think of what could go wrong during the day and what are the stuff that I should do to avoid it, believe me, sometimes it can be really hard to avoid a problem. Today the first one would be not to mention anything about Paulo to Layla, she would get really mad at me.
When I am done getting ready I just get a bottle of water, put it in my bag, get my shoes, put it on, and leave so I can run after my bus because I am late, but is never just that, I always forget something; this time I didn't, so that means the day is going to be good.

As I get to the entrance of the school I see that Layla's bus got there the same time I did.

- Shit - I say as I trip on my own feet.
- Already? Is only 6 in the morning and you are already planning on falling - she looks me up and down trying to find anything wrong with me - Look, what a surprise you look the same, besides - she points at my sleepers - those... what are those Mar.
I roll my eyes and give a bitchy face - those are my sleepers, come on, you said I could change my style sometime right? - _I give a smile and hug her, but she doesn't hug me back.
- I didn't mean that - she hugs me back - but I can forgive you for that one - we both laugh and walk to the cafeteria.

Cafeteria is the place I hate the most in this school besides the principal's office, I kind of got traumatized by that place when... well, it doesn't matter anymore. I wasn't being really smart. The cafeteria is always full of people and they are always yelling, it always irritates me, that's why I stay outside with my friends.
As I sit on the table I spot Louis, Martha, Stacy, Diana, and Rachel, my sister. Louis, Martha, and Stacy are talking, while Diana and Rachel eat, they never wait for us to get to school so we can all get food together.

- How much money do you want to bet that he won't even recognize me - _I say as I cover my bangs. We are back from Winter Break and I decided to cut my bangs for Christmas, I don't regret it because they kind of look good.
- Oh my God Mar, of course he will recognize you, he is not blind like you - she tries to grab my glasses but I slap her hand - uh so aggressive.
- They look cool on you - Louis say as we are putting our backpacks on the table - you kind of look like a baby, but I guess it's okay.
- Oh you guess? oh okay, all right, you are for sure getting a tattoo today - _I mess with his hair, he hates it.

Louis is the nicest person I could ever know. When he first came here I thought he was gay, but then we found out some stuff that he did and we were sure that he wasn't gay. He was always there for him when I needed him. We have 3 period together, which is a miracle because he is a sophomore and I'm a freshman. We always play around during this period, and the teacher hates it because we keep speaking in a different language and he doesn't understand anything.
Louis also lets me draw on him, he lets me do that because he knows how Paulo can stress me out and sometimes he lets me draw on him because he know then I would laugh at his face for having such horrible "tattoos".
During lunch me and Louis always go walking around the school talking about our lives, problems, or whatever comes up in our minds. Sometimes Layla comes with us, but usually she prefers to stay there eating. I am really thankful that I got to have a friend like him in my life.

- Mar wake up - Layla starts snapping her fingers on my face - come on, let's get food, is not time to daydream.
- Come on, let her daydream about her kiss with Paulo - Stacy says and she laughs.
- Let's not joke about it, or else she is going to get back with him - she gives me a dirty look.
- Wait, how did you find out? - I say, shocked.
- Wait, find out what? - Layla asks, I can tell she is getting mad - YOU DID NOT!
- Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry - I say - I know, I'm stupid.
- You are - She says with a mad look.
- Can we just talk about it later, I am really tired to discuss about it.
- Okay - She points at me - But we ARE going to have this conversation.
- Okay, okay, we will - I look down.


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