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When and how did you and your best friend meet?

We met in 6th grade, It was the end of the day and I was on my way to my locker (which was upstairs and hers was on the main floor). And she came up to me and we started talking about a girl we hated (heh....) and we sorta just clicked after that and we've been friends ever since.

If she could go any place on earth, where would it be and why?

She wants to travel around the world either want to travel the world with a best friend or with her husband/boyfriend. So she doesn't have a specific place she wants to visit

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What is her favorite color?

Her favorite colors are Teal and silver

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What is her favorite food?

Her favorite food is pizza and ice cream (what a basic bitch...XD) as she quotes it... "That Classics"

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Cheese pizza specifically and any type of ice cream

What is the name of your best friend’s crush?

She's currently getting over someone (Not break up wise) she made a collection for quotes and stuff like that

What is your best friend’s biggest fear?

Her fear is the fear of rejection (she took a test cause that's the person she is...:p)

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If your best friend were deserted on an island, what are the three things she/he could not live without?

Overall food, a person/animal to talk to, and Garfield in a crown

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What three movies does your best friend love the most?

She loves...any hallmark movie or any rom-com

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What part of your best friend's body is their favorite?

Her favorite part of her body is her hair

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What are two things your best friend does not know about you?

Uhh...two things she doesn't know about me is...Uhh..I dunno...XD

How would you describe your best friend's ideal partner/spouse?

Pretty much that one really cute guy that's always in the movies. Kinda like the one that all the girls like. Because I mean we both can agree all the best guys are in books, movies, or for me ANIME

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How long does it take for your best friend to get dressed?

Hmm, I've never bothered to ask this question but I do know for a fact that she sometimes (almost all the time) wears what she'll wear the next day to bed. So all she has to do is get up and she's ready for school! (Which I do sometimes too..But then again, Don't we all?!)

What's your best friend's favorite season?

I remember talking about this with her while I was at her house. She said she liked all the season because they's always something good about it, But also something bad. So pretty much there is a pro and a con to each season.

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What is your best friend's dream job?

Something to do with animals

If you and your best friend were out together what would you eat?

We both love sweets like cookies (gluten free XD), Ice cream, cupcakes, etc. We both have a biggggg sweet tooth! So we would probably go to a bakery and eat out the whole bakery!

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Which part about your best friend do you admire most?

The thing I admire most about her is how I can tell her anything! And how we have our karaoke whenever we listen to a song we like (even though I can't all)

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What are 3 things your best friend always carries with them?

Her chromebook (DUH), Headphones/earbuds, and a book

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What's your best friend's favorite TV show?

We don't really talk about TV shows...But when we do it's about the old ones we use to watch as a kid like Winx Club, Lego friends ( still watch that...;3), And I know this isn't really a show but...BARBIE!!! I mean she has her own show Barbie life in the dreamhouse... But WE LOVE BARBIE XD

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Would your best friend watch a chick-flick, action, comedy, or horror movie?

One thing I know for sure is that she would NEVER watch a horror movie and she would watch chick-flicks but she thinks rom-coms are the best

What is your favorite inside joke?

We have a lot of inside jokes...WEE WEE!!!! YOU SHOULD SEE GARFEILD (yes i know i spelled that wrong) IN A CROWNNNN!!!! JEREMYYYYYYY~

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What favorite memory do you share?

I have a lot of favorite memories we share but my most recent is us in history class drawing an egg cat and laughing in the back instead of paying attention...XD

What is one thing that annoys you most about your best friend?

Hmm...Nothing really except when she says she's ugly which isnt true at all! I hate when people say that about themselves! (Although I say it about myself too..heh)

If your best friend could meet anyone at the time who would it be?

Uhh...Shane dawson and his squad (We both love shane)

Between the two of you, who takes longer to get ready?

ME! I just lay on the couch half asleep...

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Does your best friend have any strange fears?

GAH!!! I remember we talked about it!!!! mumbles well more like she took a test on it...
BUTTTTTT I remember it was...uhh...I CANT REMEMBERRRRRR

Does your best friend like music loud or music that is at a much reasonable level?

I never really asked but one thing I know for sure is that we both like to sing at the top of our lungs when our favorite song comes on Cough ...Ava Max...P!ATD...

What does your best friend think about most?


What is the last book your best friend read?

Just today she finished 'Legend' I was gonna read it but NUUUUUUUUUU Eliza/Heather/Linda (Nicknames) gave it to HERRRRRR and NOWWWWWW I went to the library and got MOREEEEE books so NOWWWWW I have to read ALLLLLLLL of them BEFOREEEEEE (Dont ask it's what I texted her XD)

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Does your best friend have any nicknames?

OMG YES LIKE: Peggy, Piggy, Crazy sis piggy, Cece, etc.

What is one thing your best friend would want for their birthday?


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What is one thing your best friend is really bad at?

Lying, She gets this smile on her face and its really funny but she's good at sneaking into my house and scaring me once I come outta the restroom cause SHE'S CREEPILY WALKING DOWN THE HALL LIKE A PERV REEEEEEEEEEEE

What is the meanest thing someone has ever said to your best friend?

Well...nothing that she can remember

If your best friend has a scar, how did they get it?

Probably from me tripping her ON ACCIDENT!!! or from her falling cause she's clumsy XD

Is your best friend afraid of the dark?


What would your best friend do if they won the lottery?

Buy me a trip to some exotic place with my close close friends or bf/husband (I quoted her)

Was your best friend named after anyone? If so, who?

hmmm she was named after her moms friend from college

What was your best friend’s favorite show as a child?

Pretty much what I answered before XD

Where does your best friend want to live when they get older?

Near the ocean DUH

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Has your best friend ever had surgery?


How many children does your friend want to have and what would she name them?

Probably 3. For girls Addison, America, or Bailey and for boys Luke, Derek, or Griffin

Has your best friend ever been outside the country?

Nope im assuming not. She's been to other states but not countries

Is your best friend a spendthrift, or do they like to save their money?

She spends a little but also saves so I guess in-between

Whats your best friend's favorite animal?

She loves all animals

Which game does your friend like the most?

Mario Cart and any wii game LOVE NIKKI

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Can you describe your friend and one word?


Does your best friend sing in the shower?
Uh I've never asked but probably at some point XD

What's your best friends favorite kind of sandwich?

Ham and cheese sandwich

Is your best friend allergic to anything?


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