1. sweet disaster🌴 DREAMERS

band, dreamers, and music image
"tell me that you need me on the floor, passed out in your dirty clothes, ask me what the hell i'm looking for like you don't know."

2. great romances of the twentieth century🌴 TAKING BACK SUNDAY

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"i never said i'd take this lying down, but i've crawled home from worse than this."

3. kids🌴 MGMT

band, clip, and MGMT image
"make your mama so proud, but your voice is too loud."

4. 400 lux🌴 LORDE

️lorde image
"i can tell that you're tired, but you keep the car running while you wait out front."

5. all the stars🌴 KENDRICK LAMAR & SZA

black, ctrl, and curls image
"let's talk about love- is it anything and everything you ever hoped for? or do the feeling haunt you? i know the feeling haunt you."

6. not getting any better🌴 INNERPARTYSYSTEM

Temporarily removed
"i'm awake, every night, and i watch you through your window and you lay there with your sleepy eyes."

7. *the cathedral monologue🌴 JET BLACK ALLEY CAT

aesthetic and music image
"i've given up on religion. not god, but religion."

8. divine intervention🌴 TAKING BACK SUNDAY

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"five in the morning, love comes out pouring- out, the same way was in."

9. Littlest Things🌴 LILY ALLEN

lily allen, pretty, and see-through image
"dreams, dreams, of when we had just started things. dreams of me and you."

10. jet pack blues🌴 FALL OUT BOY

band, bands, and fall out boy image
_"i've got those jet pack blues, fight off the light tonight and just stay with me. oh, honey don't you leave."

11. lights down low🌴 MAX

max schneider image
"can i stop the flow of time? can i swim in your divine? 'cause i don't think i'd ever leave this place."

12. miss atomic bomb🌴 THE KILLERS

Temporarily removed
"your shockwave whisper sealed your fate."

13. green light🌴 LORDE

️lorde image
"did it frighten you? when we kissed, when we danced on the light up floor?"

14. ass back home🌴 GYM CLASS HEROES & NEON HITCH

Temporarily removed
"i left the keys under the mat to our front door, one more chance to hold you close."

15. dirty laundry🌴 ALL TIME LOW

Temporarily removed
"who am i to tell you that you need to change?"

16. read my mind🌴 THE KILLERS

brandon flowers and the killers image
"i wanna breathe that fire again!"

17. consequences🌴 CAMILA CABELLO

Image removed
"loving you was sunshine, safe and sound- a steady place to let down my defenses."

18. everlong🌴 FOO FIGHTERS

Image by ElleyBelly 🐛
"come down, and waste away with me- down with me."

19. angel in the snow🌴 JOYCE MANOR

Image removed
_"i wanna go together- together like a barking dog with you."

20. i like me better🌴 LAUVE

lauv image

21. jaws theme swimming🌴 BRAND NEW

brand new and brand new band image
"concrete and water, she's lookin' for her daughter, at midnight in torrential downpour."


post malone image
"woah, man, my neck so goddamn cold."

23. a million reasons🌴 LADY GAGA

Image removed
"baby, i'm bleedin', bleedin', stay, can't you give me what i'm needin', neddin'?"

24. stuck on you🌴 MARS ARGO

gibson, mars, and showroom image
"and i never had the nerve to say that i want you back, that i want you back."

25. sam's town🌴 THE KILLERS

alternative, band, and gif image
"red white and blue apon a birthday cake, my brother, he was born on the fourth of july."

26. memphis blues🌴 JET BLACK ALLEY CAT

aesthetic and music image
"close your ears, close your eyes, close your body, close your mind to me."

27. interstate love song🌴 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS

grunge and stone temple pilots image
"leaving on a southern train, only yesterday, you lied."

28. never be the same🌴 CAMILA CABELLO

camilacabello image
"let go of the wheel, it's the bullet lane."


daft punk and music image
"i listened to your problems, now listen to mine, i didn't want to anymore."

30. chemical kids and mechanical brides🌴 PIERCE THE VEIL

Temporarily removed
"ghost on the altar, we breathe, don't leave."

31. wild world🌴 MIKE BAILEY [cover]

boy, sad, and sid image
"i heard you wanna start something new, and it's breakin' my heart in two."

32. makeout club🌴 GYM CLASS HEROES

Image removed
"and i can't believe i forgot to mention carrie, but that situation quickly got scary, 'cause after two dates she was like 'let's get married'. can you believe that shit? so i had to pack my bags and move!"

33. youngblood🌴 FIVE SECONDS OF SUMMER

new, luke hemmings, and five seconds of summer image
"say you want me back in your life, and i'm just a dead man crawlin' tonight."

34. my blue heaven🌴 TAKING BACK SUNDAY

back, Sunday, and taking image
"i'm both a patient boy, and yet a jealous man."

35. pillowtalk🌴 ZAYN

Image by Shaira Cervantes Gonzales
"fuckin' and fighting, oh it's our paradise- and it's war zone."


band, catb, and catfish and the bottlemen image
"lost the time 'cause i'm seven hours behind."

37. lit me up🌴 BRAND NEW

brand new and brand new band image
"it was a good dream."

38. knife prty🌴 DEFTONES

Image removed
"i can float here forever"

39. wildest dreams🌴 TAYLOR SWIFT

Reputation, Swift, and taylor image
"and his voice is a familiar sound, nothing lasts forever. but this is getting good now."

40. thnks fr th mmrs🌴 FALL OUT BOY

Temporarily removed
_"who does he think he is? if that's the worst you got, better put your fingers back to the keys."

42. somebody told me🌴 THE KILLERS

band, music, and the killers image
"ready, let's go onto something new- taking it's toll that i'm leaving without you."

43. ohio is for lovers🌴 HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS

Image removed
"my heart is in ohio."

44. me, myself & i🌴 BEBE REXHA & G-EAZY

Image removed
"i got that fire in my soul."


john, sao paulo, and taking back sunday image
"the terror held in wedding bells, the comfort that there's no one else, truth be told, i'm never gonna' know."

46. venezia🌴 HOMBRES G

daniel, hombres g, and david summers image
"vamos juntos hasta italia."

47. running away🌴 HOOBASTANK

hoobastank image
"when i get close, you turn away, there's nothing that i can do nor say."

48. riptide🌴 VANCE JOY

music and vance joy image
"swear she's destined for the screen- closest thing to michelle pfeiffer that i've ever seen."

49. hollywood🌴 MARINA & THE DIAMONDS

Temporarily removed
"tall, tan hot blonde named anya."

50. bishop's knife trick🌴 FALL OUT BOY

fall out boy image
"trying to get it all back, put it back together, as if the time had never passed. i know i should walk away, know i should walk away, but i just wanna' let you break my brain, and i can't seem to get a grip, no, no matter how i live with it."