Okie, these are some things about Sailor Moon, if you wanna get to know her a lot! Of course, this is for Sailor Moon beginners and if you know a lot about Sailor Moon ( Like Me ) than I will post a test. Enjoy!

1. Usagi Tsukino( Sailor moon’s real name ) translates to Bunny of the moon.
2. Usagi is the most spoiled person there is. She gets jealous easily and she has NO MANNERS WHATSOEVER! She teaches everyone to be a good person, but she fails tests, cry’s a lot and wastes her time on boys. ( Me no hater! )
3. She is the Moon princess, if you don’t know that yet. She is very beautiful when she’s a princess, in the beginning, they thought Sailor V was the princess cause she had the crescent on her forehead.
4. Sailor Moon has 2 daughters. Chibi-Usa and Chibi Chibi. They are both Sailor guardians.
5. She is obsessed with all types of food. Give her a plate of.. something and she will make a mess!
6. Usagi loves video games, she always goes to the arcade after school and her favourite game is the Sailor V game
7. Usagi’s parents are very strict. She fails a test, there kicking her out of the house! They are very caring though, and there nice most of the time.

Well, that’s it! If you got some advice great! I’ll probably do another one soon. Don’t forget to leave a like, thanks for reading! I love you all!