"The Love I Had" is going to be a serie that talks about love, friendship, betrayal, and depression.

The story is about a girl called Mar. She is like any other girl... at least she wishes she could be. She is pretty, but she can't see that; she is smart, but think that she is the stupidest person in the world; she is lovely, but feels like no one could love her. Her whole life her dream was to be happy, prove that kindness could always win, and, her most important dream: have someone that would love her.
One day by surprise, her parents announce that she was going to have a new life, new friends, a new... environment. She was going to leave the place where her whole life was at.
As she got adapted to this place she met people, felt things, but never felt love. She got hurt, got upset, and then simply stood back up and confronted life like it was nothing. But now there is something different about her.

I really hope you guys enjoy it, I will try my best to publish as much as possible, so if you like it please, please, please, don't give up on this story

If you want to see the story here is the link. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!
Part 1 - Intro

Blue Sky,
with love,