How to Overcome Traveling Anxiety?

Fear & anxiety can strike at anytime in any uncertain situations, however, there are many people who are prone to stress & anxiety while traveling. This is a natural phenomenon and in some of the cases, anxiety can be beyond the control of the person. However, as one who suffers from anxiety and depression, I refuse to let it stop me from traveling and having fun; neither should you. We piled up the following list of tips & tricks to help you deal with the problem.

Consider traveling/flying with a companion:
If you are fortunate enough to have a travel partner, Woop Woop, you should definitely use them to make the trip less scary.
Having your travel buddy next to you is something that could make an immense difference especially if they are a pro at traveling. In the same way, your companion could be around to offer a sense of security. They could commence a conversation, encourage you, and assist you through your travels. Right before you go, let your traveling buddy know what is going on. You can also share your needs & priorities with your partner like holding hands, card game, or keeping chatting and so on.
Calming techniques:
There are plenty of experimented & tested techniques over the years that have helped travelers with anxiety issues. From many of them, you could practice the more suitable ones to help you with the issue. Some of the relaxing techniques could vary from centering your attention on something more soothing, rubbing & attempting to relax your entire body for a few seconds. Watching your favorite program or movie, imaging yourself somewhere you are more comfortable being or try,
closing your eyes etc.

Constant breathing:
This is one of the most basic & practiced approaches that people tend to adopt when they have to face uncomfortable issues. Taking a minute or more of deep breaths can help you in calming down more swiftly as you might assume. Many research studies indicate that the people who indulge themselves in deep breathing can reduce their tension with every breath they take; this ultimately get their nerves under control.
Visualizing positivity:
Many people start thinking about their traveling experience even before its start and that can sometimes be the root of the problem. The best thing to do is to practice visualization by picturing yourself in a better & comfortable place. That is how not only the positive vibes can be sought, but a peace of mind can be attained up to a great extent. Replacing scary thoughts with positive imaginations can do wonders for troubling travelers.
Keeping a note of your anxieties & fears:
Although the ideal practice is to get rid of negative thoughts, however, if you are not the person who is a big believer of imagination then this is another tip for you to deal with the problem. At times, all youโ€™d need is only a minor self-therapy. Having to write down your traveling uncertainties could enable you to feel better. Write it down and address it. See if there is any possible solution without letting it blow your mind with even more fears. LOL - I'm laughing because this occasionally happens to me a lot. Once you see it on paper realize how small it is compared to how much fun you could possibly have on your trip.
Listening to your favorite music:
Getting headphones attached to your neck on the way and even during your traveling experience can create a nice traveling comfort zone. Listening to your favorite beats is a tremendous way to calm yourself down. I personally keep my bluetooth headphones wrapped around my neck almost everywhere I go. They say music soothes the soul. So create a playlist of your favorite songs, and perform a silent karaoke in your head. :) No one will know if you are hitting that high note off key.

Healthy diet:
Being casual about your food and diet could make things from bad to worse as there are studies which indicate that junk food creates anxiety as the body tends to crave for the nutrition. In this regard, most compact meals in a combination with complex carbohydrates are certain to limit the hunger and inject the energy to ensure activity throughout the day. In this regard, carrying and eating healthy snacks could be the right thing to do, even if a candy bar just so happened to pop up in your bag. Do not feel bad, I can't help but bring tons of sour candy.
Prevent alcohol:
Alcohol has varied effect for varied bodies and it could be counterproductive as far as your attempts to cater to anxiety are concerned. Instead of alcohol, opting for soft drinks, soda or coffee could be the right alternative. Whereas, water could be the perfect drink as sugary drinks can consume your hydration to severe the issue even more. So, keeping your body hydrated and filled with all the good substances is pivotal.
Exercise & workout:
Workout enables the blood to flow nicely and helps you to emit the endorphins which allow you to be more healthy and see the world with a more positive perspective. Take advantage of the gym that the lodging areas provide as an amenity. Instead of driving try walking from one destination to another. If you do not have an exercising routine, turn on some positive vibration music and stretch. These are some exercises that can be done without leaving the room including jumping jacks, wall sits, push-ups, planks, sit-ups, crunches, high knees, butt kicks, scissor kicks, squats, and lunges etc. Have fun, and happy travels.