Hi guys!

I would like to think that I´m not alone when I say that I´ve got alot of notebooks and that some of them I just bought them because they were cute, but today we´ll give them a use!!!

Let me know if you like them


In this notebook you could be able to write maybe things you wouldn´t say to anybody, orjust how whas for day adn your thoughts about it.

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I think is preferable to use a blank notebook


If you want to get inspired or just to remember a cool quote you heard, you can write it down!!! It can also work if you have instagram and you don´t know what to caption your photo a quote is always great

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In this one feel free to decorate and make your notebook shine!


You got secret recipes? Or only a dish that you really love and want to remember, know write it down!!

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You can also put an image to get a little inspiration!

4.Travel Journal

If you like trips (it doesn´t matter if it´s in your city like a museum, amusement park,etc) you may have to write them to to make them a pretty enjoyable memorie

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Make sure to take alottt of photos to put them in the journal


If you like to judge or just to make sure what you like make a notebook review, you can review books, movies, series, and if you´re really into that, people (haha)

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Don´t be afraid of this one, once you do it is exciting!


I know a lot of you guys like to write so why don´t you do it now , if you don´t know what to write make the "30 Days Writing Challenge" it´s always fun

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Here at WHI you can find a lot of inspiration


If you like to draw or smth like that don´t be afraid to make a sketchbook, rememberyou don´t have to show them to anyone.

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and remember: "el arte no gusta, el arte expresa"

8. Bullet journal

Last but certanly not least bullet journal in this one you can convine all the one´s that I´ve mentioned above or more (if you one an article more detailed let me know). It´s basiclly like an agenda that you can design to your own style

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Hope you enjoyed!!