Lately, I have been in an inspired mood and I have been wanting to talk about a lot of important things, at least I believe they're important and I hope you do too, so enjoy this one!

So, yesterday I was reading this book and it got to a point where the main characters were talking about how society starts talking shit about women that have implants and that sort of things. Social media starts to label them as plastic, and naive, and sluts, everything, and that's actually so true and sad, so that's why I wanted to discuss the topic today.

And it is: Having a plastic surgery doesn't make you a slut. I mean, if you have the money and you want to do it, then why the fuck not? you're going to be the same person, nothing is going to change that, not because you have implants or anything else you automatically become in this horrible person with an empty head,

Everyone has insecurities, everyone and if you have the possibility to 'overcome' that, then do it, if that makes you happy, and you are one hundred percent sure of doing it, then whatever people say is irrelevant. Keep that in mind. Of course, we have to learn to love our body, but sometimes we need a little help and that's not bad at all, and again, if you have the money and really want to, why the hell, not?. You are a beautiful person with or without a plastic surgery

That was all, I just wanted to spread a little message, let's everyone stand out that social media seriously harms our mental health.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you found this interesting.

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