There is no just one definition for hustling, and that is where the danger lies! People just hear the advice like: "Keep hustling!", all the time, but they don't reflect on what this word really means. Somehow, hustling seems has become synonymus with "working hard" in the sense of putting in many, many hours of work every single day.

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So when we say to hustle we usually mean:

Overworking to the point of burnout.
Doing busy-work with no purpose.
Working on a ton of different projects, all of which lead nowhere.

You can be busy all day, But if that is not directed with anything meaningful, then all of your hustle will never lead you anywhere. All you are going to do is wasting your time and energy. Nothing else...The purpose is to share some principles with you, that will help you to understand how to hustle really works. And how it could lead you (on the right way) to achieve your goals not to waste your time.

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• At first you need to make sure on where you are heading, what is your final goal. Every project you take on, needs to lead you to your destination, where you are going. Whether directly or indirectly. Remember, you can only have one main thing. Once you start taking on too many projects, then your attention is only going to be divided. You are going to lose focus, and just doing a lot of different things, all of which need to lead nowhere. So, the rule number 1 - Choose one main thing and then commit to that with everything you've got!

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• Of course it doesn't make sense to push so hard every single day, that your brain is constantly exhausted. It doesn't make sense to push you to the edge of burnout, because your concentration is only going to drop. It doesn't make sense to work beyoung your natural capabilities, because that way you won't get anything done. The human brain, according to research, can only maintain four hours of highly concentrated work per day, and after our levels of concentration drops continuously. You should cut out any possible distractions during these four hours and work on your main thing. And, you need to make sure that you get enough rest every single day. The rule number 2 - Manage your energy well

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• You need to constantly ask yourself this question: What sacrifices are necessary for the single goal that I have chosen? Am I willing to make these sacrifices? If you are not ready for this in order to fulfill your dream then that dream isn't for you. Perhaps you need to find a new focus in your life. And even if you are willing to make these sacrifices, then your should nonetheless remain aware of them. So the rule number 3 - Remain aware of the sacrifices that need to be made.

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• The difference between people who perform amazing feats, and those who remain mediocre, is that the first group isn't afraid to tackle the seemingly impossible. They choose their main project and they keep pushing forward no matter what. Even when it seems that there is no way of making it happen, they don't give up. They don't quit, before they have turned their dream into reality. They find a way of making the impossible happen. In short they have an unshakeable commitment to the one thing that they are working towards. The rule number 4 - Don't be afraid to tackle the seemingly unimpossible.

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• The day when you start acting, without thinking is the day your downfall begins. You will just get caught up in so much stuff to do, that you will end up overwhelmed and paralysed. Always remain reflective. always keep thinking, before you act, always ask yourself the question: Is this really the single best thing I could do right now? Is it in line with my long-term goals? Is it something that creates real value for my business? This doesn't mean that you need to spend hours and hours per day just thinking but, that you need to remain aware of what you are doing. Your actions must be directed towards a purpose. And the last, rule number 5 - Always stay reflective of what you are doing

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Think about this, stay classy and bossy, and keep reading my articles. Wish you all the best, kisses! :*

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