► Book or movie?
► Tea or coffee?
coffee ofcourse
► Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate is my 2nd bae

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► Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
Coca-Cola because Pepsi is fake
► Rain or snow?
Snow, because I love to ski
► Car or motorcycle?
► Comedy or horror?
I can always watch comedy, I have to be in the mood for horror
► Hamburgers or hot dogs?
I think I prefer hot dogs, but I like both

city, moon, and sky image

► Boat or plane?
► Painting or drawing?
Drawing, but I suck at both
► Reading or writing?
► Singing or dancing?
Singing, less exhausting
► T-Shirts or sweaters?
► Flowers or trees?
Trees, because they are bigger
► Phone or computer?
A phone is computer, right?, but no I prefer a computer
► Brown or black hair?
Brown hair, less depressing

animal, cute, and lion image

► Lions or Bears?
Baby lions and bear grown-ups
► Milk or juice?
► Gold or silver?
► 50’s or 80’s music?
80's, I think even my favorite music decade
► Google or Bing?
Bing, I love the wallpapers on the startscreen
► Blue or green eyes?
Blue please

funny, gif, and harry potter image

► Witches or wizards?
Wizards, because Harry Potter is one
► Fruits or vegetables?
Fruits, I'm addicted to melon and pineapple

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