Hello, lovely hearters! Happy Wednesday! We're half-way through the week and almost done with November. How crazy is that?

I'm continuing my daily articles with a Bible study article today. For those interested (or uninterested) here are some topics I want to cover over the next few days and weeks. I would love to write about:

  • Advice (if you have any questions about faith, relationships, school, friendship, life, etc., feel free to send them in! I would love to help out!)
  • Bible study articles (on topics such as prayer, some specific verses, devotions, my upcoming devotion kits, and so on).
  • Christmas articles (because that is an absolute must)
  • Bible journaling articles (and maybe flip-throughs and processes)
  • . Lifestyle (school, stress, relationships, etc.)
  • Writing (writing tips, writing prompts, etc.)
  • And much more

I can't wait to share these articles with you guys. With that all being said, let's jump into the article, shall we?

Bible Studies/Devotions

I'm always looking for new devotional books and Bible studies to read. (If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!) My top few favorite study plans and devotion books are the following:

1. Devoted by Marjorie Jackson -- I've been (slowly) working my way through this one and it is absolutely great. For those teenage and young adult girls out there looking for a good devotional book, I recommend this one. There are great devotions (that aren't too long or short) filled with so much knowledge, it will definitely hit you in the feels. Not to mention, there is some artwork included which is never unwelcome in my eyes.

2. Pinterest has some great reading plans people came up with. You can search them and find some easily. The best part about it is if one doesn't work for you, you have many more (and I mean a lot more) to choose from. (I can leave my Bible study Pinterest board down below for any interested.)

3. She Reads Truth has some great devotional books. They have an app, but I prefer their website (https://shereadstruth.com) over their app because you can read their devotions online for free. On the app, you can see some of their plans too, but 9/10 times you have to pay for them. They also have workbooks for those interested. I recommend them for those looking for that deep study. (I have the Proverbs and Acts books.)

4. Illustrated Faith has some great devotional content, too. I always talk about them, because how can I not? Some books they have are 100 Days of Bible Promises, 100 Days of Grace and Gratitude, and their founder Shanna Noel is even coming out with a few more books. Their Bible journaling content is always a must as well (if you're interested in that, that is).


I love listening to Podcasts. But I can't find much that are focused on the young adult girl. I'm always open for recommendations!

My favorite right now is SHEPodcast by Jordan Lee Dooley. She has so much content as well other than her podcast. But her podcast is amazing. She talks about relationships, life, future career paths and confusion on that topic, friendships, breakups, and so much more. If you're looking for a fruitful podcast, I highly recommend this one.


So it's no secret that YouTube kind of runs the world. I mean, it's huge and part of our culture.

Some of my favorite YouTubers are Chelsea Crockett, Kirbyisaboss, Sadie Robertson.

I think my favorite of the three is Kirbyisaboss. She holds so much wisdom in her messages and I am always listening to them on repeat.

What I Use To Study My Bible

So, my Bible is crazy. It's fat, colorful, and on the verge of starting to break.

Some of the materials I love using to mark up my Bible include:

  • Staedtler triplus fineliner pens
  • Highlighters (because yeah)
  • Sticky notes
  • Sticky notes
  • Did I mention sticky notes?
  • Note cards
  • Paper clips
  • Tabs
  • Paper flags

I can not leave my house without having at least some of these things with me.

If you would like to see what my Bible looks like on the inside, give this article a 👏(Clapping hands) emoji. I would love to make this article in the future (maybe in a week or two).

That's about all I have for you, loves. Thank you so much for reading this article and the continual support I receive. It really means a lot.

Like always, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day and week. Remember to keep smiling. You never know who will need it.


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