There is almost nothing left for Christmas to be celebrated.
Not everyone likes Christmas and for that I will bring reasons why I love Christmas.
Christmas is a time to give love and receive it, have peace around you and do the following things:

  • The tree

What is never missing at Christmas is the tree that adorns your house.

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  • The decoration

You can decorate your house as you want with Christmas decorations.

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  • Chocolate

A delicious cup of hot chocolate to relax your day.

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  • Dinner

Meet as a family to eat a delicious dinner.

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  • Outfits

Warm Christmas sweaters and the red color in your wardrobe.

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  • Winter

The snow that falls in your city and gives it a Christmas spirit.

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  • Smells

Delicious smells like Baked cookies, Christmas trees, hot chocolate, etc.

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  • Movies

You can make a marathon of Christmas movies.

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  • Songs

Normally during the year you can hear Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber and only at this time you can listen to Christmas songs with bells.

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  • Love

Christmas is an excellent time to make a meal and live with your cousins, nephews, aunts and laugh all together.

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