These are some fun wintery things to get you in the spirit of Christmas
Hope you enjoy


1. Watch some holiday movies!!

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2. Gather up some friends (or family) and have a Christmas party

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3. Ice skating!

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4. Make Christmas-y treats

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5. Get crafty (If you haven't already maybe decorate!)

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6. Get on some fuzzy socks and a fuffy blanket to curl up and read a book, or look through aome old photo albums

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7. Christmas music dance party!!!

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8. Pajama party

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9. Get your picture with Santa

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10. Sledding!

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11. Go shopping (because maybe you forgot to buy your mother her Christmas gift, whoopsie)

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12. Okay last one. So my family and I, on December 7th, are going on a Polar Express train ride. You listen to a reading of the book and get some hot chocolate while the train take you to the top of a mountain. So if there's something like that where you live I think it will be super fun (even if I'm not a big fan of the polar express)

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