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“Hey, library girl” I was just about to walk into the forest when I heard the startling words. Max was standing right behind playfully rotating the football ball he and his friend almost wrecked my head with previously today.
“Hi” was all I could utter once our eyes met.
“Going for a walk in the forest huh?”
“Are you stalking us, Maximilian?” Hanna jumps in.
“Maybe, the question is does the library girl want me to come along?” he says winking at me so fast that you’d miss it in a blink of an eye.
“If you’re not afraid” I challenge.
“So it’s settled”
I’m the first one to enter pushing the branches away from my face. The fireflies are the first thing I notice once inside the forest. They fly through the thick mist floating around my feet. Somewhere in the distance, I can hear the sound of a river running wild. The atmosphere gives birth to a feeling of deep familiarity like I’ve been here before. The small strands of full moonlight break through the cracks in thick branches up above. The light falls all around like tiny pieces of broken mosaic waiting to be put back together.
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“Boo” Max jumps on me from behind and I break down screaming “Wow” he laughs taking a step back “that's one hell of a reaction”
“Sorry I don’t do well with jumpscares” It’s true, I can’t help it.
“What can be so dangerous about this beautiful place?”
“Well you know they say” he leans in closer to whisper into my ear “there's a boy named Max hunting for pretty girls”
I can’t help but laugh and hit his arm.
“Come on I’m serious”
“Actually I know one person who has been here and came back. Her name's Mary, she went in with her friend Lizzie and came back out alone. She never spoke of what happened and denied ever going in, but I know she did. She changed a lot after it, put on the whole emo facade”
I’m about to say something when Buna and Hanna walk up to us.
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“Are you guys ready to explore?” he turns to us walking backward and makes a luring motion with her fingers.
Max and I walked in the back talking when I heard a crack behind me. As I looked back at the tree it felt like someone was standing, there watching me. For a second I stood there staring just to realize that all of a sudden I was completely alone.
“Max? Max?” I shouted “Bruna? Max? Guys?” No response, I tried my best not to panic as my breaths become shorter. Maybe they were pranking me.
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“Haha funny joke, guys come on” No response, the forest stayed dead silent except for the sound of distant rushing water and the crickets. Maybe if I walk forward I’ll find them, but just my luck as I ran forward I was greeted by a fork in the road. In the middle, there was some kind of direction teller, but the language in which the text was written I could not understand. It was a mixture of strange swirls and sticks.
“Okay, right is always right” I recited to myself an illogical rule I had made up as a kid in case I ever got lost.
As I walked forward the noise coming from water got louder, soon I could see that it was by no means a river but a waterfall. There was something shiny at the bottom of the water pond, so I leaned forward out of curiosity, then someone grabbed me pushing me back.
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“You idiot, what are you doing here?” the emo girl with purple eyes from this morning was now standing right in front of me.
“What are you…” I was about to ask when she cut me off.
“You need to go right now, run, hide” she cringed as if something was eating at her from the inside “god this is just perfect, why did you have to follow clueless kids” the pain hit again “Run! Go!” She let me go, but I just kept standing there staring at her.
“What are you staring at” Cringe “Go!”
So I ran, I ran all the way out to the exit and then something showed me back. It was like hitting a glass door when you’re about to walk into the store and think it’s open. While I struggled to gather what has happened a voice interrupted.
“Who are you?” I turned to see a ginger boy standing behind me “I asked you a question” he pressed. There was something terrifying about his voice, it was sleepy, deep, almost zombielike.
The boy started to walk towards me, like an animal cornering his prey. I took a step back.
“Who are you?”
All of a sudden out of the dark a pitch black wolf jumped out ripping off the boys head. Blood spilled everywhere as I screamed at the top of my lungs, the terror that had possessed me at the encounter of the boy has now grown two times stronger.
To be Continued...
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Guess what ya girls back with another two pages of forstfer. Sorry for being so MIA the past weeks I was having some figuring life out time. I'm so happy now, my depression is all gone, anxiety is quaking lol and I'm back to being me. Can't wait to post articles again for you guys. Also, someone messaged me asking if I was going to continue this series and now I decided that I am soo... this is what I have for today because it is so so late and it's a school day tomorrow so. Love you all, I hope you like it, from this page on is when it starts to get crazy so I'm so excited to write the next pages. I'm going to be posting some of Angelinpurgatory style articles next days, if you don't know what that is, check my last two Lesson Learned articles. Thank you all so much for everything this blog gives me life and I promise I won't abandon it anymore. Never ever. I'm back and better than ever. - So (lo)n(g) and go(o)d night -Angelinp(u)rga(t)ory
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