Legend of the Dreamcatcher~ Native Americans of the Great Plains believe the air is filled with both good and bad dreams. According to legend, the good dreams pass through the center hole to the sleeping person. The bad dreams are trapped in the web, where they perish in the light of dawn.

What have you ensnared for me?
Was it dreams or merely nightmares?
Can I rest in peace?
Or wake up with my soul laid out in pieces?
Traumatized by my own fantasies.
Superstition has transformed into skepticism.
Past, present, future revelations.
Insomnia still persists.
Traveling from one universe to the next.
A realm that grants mercy and invincibility.
When I am trapped somewhere between reality and fantasy,
I am comatose, paralyzed; yet I see myself merely existing.
How easy it would be to fall asleep forever–join forces with the fantasy.
I wake up still dreaming and see the fragments of my soul caught in the mesh.

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