from watc:

We all need to try to enjoy life’s simplicity. We all just want the same things; food, shelter and friendship. We all have our own unique talents and traits and if you don't think you have anything to offer you're simply wrong. Get out there and be yourself, man. You have more to offer than you'll ever know. Much love to you all.

I know its hard to believe but its the truth. I suffer from anxiety and sometimes I feel like I'm worthless... but talking to people who care makes me have hope.

Sometimes life is fucking hard... I've lost a lot of loved ones and friends. Life can be so scary. I've dealt with bad trips and so many panic attacks and hard moments and was alone for years and scared but all that keeps me going is to try to stay positive and to do what makes me smile. Music helps a lot. Walking through nature. Meeting new people.

Do what you wish and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I appreciate you all.

Keep that head up