hi there! if you opened this, it's probably because you have anxiety and need tips... so here you have them!

- Listen to soft music

You can listen to instrumental music like: Canon D (Pachelbel), that is one of my faves. There are obviously a ton more that will make you feel much better. Rock music (for example) it's not always the best option.

- Breath in, breath out

You know how babies breath with their tummy going up and down? Well, that's exactly what you need to do. Close your eyes and start. Breathing correctly helps so much!

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- Read

Books are a great way to escape real life for a while. Start a new one or continue the one you have been leaving on your shelf for a while.

- Drink lots of water

The moment you start feeling anxiety kick in, sit down and drink water. Feel the water pass and concentrate only on that. Drink all you need to until you start feeling a little better, then go rest (with the breathing techinque)

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- Watch your favorite movie

Watching something you have already watched (probably a lot of times) it's so good, because you already know what exactly is going to happen, so you won't need to get more worried or something. It's just a chill date with yourself.

- Write

Write down what you are feeling right at that moment, it doesn't matter if it is messy or filled with tears. Write everything that comes to your mind. Let paper heal you.

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- Search for positive quotes

Here on WeHeartIt lots of people have collections with those, or you could simply search for them! Reading a lot of them will make you feel less alone and capable of everything.
I have a collection if you want to check it out:

- Get coloring

Coloring mandalas and other random drawings help me out so much! Put some music on and start coloring, get creative. There are many mandala coloring books or other ones for adults (if you want to color kids books it's also fine, I love those!)

I hope these tips help you guys! Let me know if they do.
I'm sending you a huge virtual hug right now x


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