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Chapter 3. Should I stay or should I go?

Remember, try to become the girl in the story:

So you are experiencing your first heart break EVER, and all you can think is "How do people handle all these emotions coming all at once, all this pain, all this shock? How?!"

The first month is crazy, you miss talking to him, going out with him, all those weekends, his mom, the laughs, the selfies, the dramas, the family reunions, parties with friends, his sweet lies, the way he used to tell you "I love you" you ask yourself what he may be doing, all the time, if he's hurting as much as you are, you just can't get used to it, and now you have so much free time you don't know what to do with it but think about the situation over and over again, asking yourself if you could have done something to stop him from ending the relationship and sometimes you just go crazy.

Even tough he left you, he is still checking every move you make, he talks to you whenever he notices you are trying to move on, So... now you care? Too late babe. But still he gets to make you very confused, thinking maybe you wanna give us someday a second chance, could that be possible? I just knew I had to relax and think wisely about wich my next moves were going to be... If this was still a game...I wanted to play too It was what I wanted at the time but now I wish I didn't got into that game at all, maybe things would be SO different today.

After the first month pass by, he ask you out and after you think about it a million times, you accept just because you want to hug him, feel him close, laugh and catch up like the old times and you just "go with the flow". But obviously that was a BAD idea because after you had a perfect time, he drives you back home and leave, you feel incomplete once again, then you realize he didn't wanted to be friendly but to see if you were still his...and....guess what? you were. You feel used and so confused, you thought it all had ended when you broke up but it didn't felt like it.

Within the next few days you decide to go far away from all the drama, thinking that will solve all your problems and heal your mind, heart and soul. You buy your ticket and get to the destination and the first two days feels good. After that you start to have doubts, he talks to you more than usual and you just can't stop it (or maybe deep down you didn't wanted it to stop), as days and weeks pass by, things just get more intense, he tells you he misses you, ask when are you coming back, and you just feel like you have to go back because you feel like you're letting all those oportunities go away. Yeah, I forgot I wanted to leave to forget about him in the first place, and so, the same reason I went away, was the same reason that was making me wanna be back as soon as possible ironic right?

It's amazing how someone can make you feel the happiest girl in the world and then hurt you so much, It's shocking to see how things can change in just ONE year. One year before we were falling in love, making memories, we were happy and didn't knew it. Now we were only falling apart, or at least I was. Can we please go back in time?

Things get weird when you start getting anonymous messages from people telling you he is a bag of trash, sending videos of him with other girls, screenshots of him disrespecting you and you see all that without saying anything out loud, now you just can't stop thinking about what to do.

Should I stay or should I go?

THAT was a big decision right there... Can you guess what I did?

What would you do? Have you ever been in the middle? In that point where, whatever you decide, you know it's going to be crucial for your future, I wish I could've seen what was coming up the next few years...

To be continued...