you got this babygirl! You don’t need a man to show you how to love.
Love yourself! If he rejected you, you should know that he was just a waste of time!

But I like him, and I can’t stay away. I thought maybe after we spend some time together he might want me too. But I guess I was wrong, as always.

Babygirl it´s going to be okay!


Someday. But for now, just keep smiling don’t show them. One day somebody will be there to hold you in his arms. For now, you have a pillow.

I wanna die. I’m sorry that I’ve let you down but I want to go home, I want to forget.

But don’t you remember the good times? Laughing like nothing will ever break you? Tears of joy? All I can see now is pain, the spark in your eyes is dulled. Babygirl don’t leave me! I need you