First of all I want to say, that I would like to visit every piese of our beautiful world✈
But top 5 places I want to visit first of all this:
1/ NYC

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Great city with breathtaking skyscrapers. City of movement, ​​of lights and dreams.All right, we'll talk later, New York.

2/ Lyon

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I don't know a lot of things about this city. All I know Lyon - the city of outstanding art museums and cultural life. French city located in the south-east of France. And I want to know much more obout it !

3/ Barcelona

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Very bright, fun and unforgettable Barcelona! Coming here moody you leave the city of love with good mood and hope to come here again.


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One love. Interesting people, fashion,very tasty food, sunny days etc. I can talk aboute tis city for ages.


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