i've had acne for now 5 years i think?
basically i always have spots, and my face is full of acne scars.

and for a long time, i couldn't watch in the mirror my face anymore, bc i hated what i was seeing
and i hated myself for the way i look.

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so if you're like that, know that i've been there too.

but i changed.
skincare routine don't work for me & let me tell you i tried so many.
but sometimes it is just hormonal, or idk what but well…

so my solution : learning to accept & love them.

ik, it's hard. but it is possible.
it is a journey though.

they won't be going anywhere soon so i might as well start to love them.

and i know it is soooo hard bc medias don't show acne & acne scars sadly :(

but here are a few things that helped me :
  • stop looking at them all the time.

i know it's not easy, the habit will take time, accept that.
instead, i look at things i like, like my eyes or my nose.

  • try to look for the beauty in them.
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it's hard but it's possible.

chose the day you feel amazing & look at the mirror, see the beauty in acne, it's a part of you.

  • follow inspiring people with acne and who you find beautiful.

days after days, seeing it will make you accept it (eva in skam has acne & it made me happy they didn't try to cover them).

  • finally, understand that it does not define you.

it's not the only thing about you, people usually don't focus on that actually, so stop thinking it's such a big deal, because it's not.

i hope you liked this kinda bad article, sorry
take care, love you

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ily & ihope you're taking care of you & learn to love yrslf bc you're amazing, beautiful & deserves 100% love & kindness.

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