During a very boring class at school, my friend and I wrote down questions to answer. So here I am, answering them. I guess they're cool, and I'm bored in class once again, procrastinating stuff that I stress about. (very smart indeed)

01. What flower do you associate yourself with?

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Yellow tulips. I prefer the older meaning; represents hopeless love. Nowdays it's happiness and trust, brightness and sunshine.

02. Would you rather have a secret garden or a secret forest?

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Secret forest with a secret garden inside! If I had to choose just one, then garden.

03. What would you have in your magic garden?

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First of all, it would be like a maze. There would be fountains and a few cool white sculptures. A part where there's tulips. A lot of enchanting things, like mirrors.

04. What color enchants you the most?

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Green and Silver. Neither is my favorite color, and now that I think of it, I wonder why not? Anyway both are very enchanting! (just realized now that they are slytherin colors and now I'm happy)

05. Your favorite part of the school building?

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Hallways when they are empty. That's one reason I love coming late to school. (good reason to sleep just a bit longer so that I miss my bus by 1 minute) Sometimes when there's no one there I just randomly run through it cause it's nostalgic!

06. A word you like and find beautiful?

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exquisite, falling, enchanting, dream, bee, thunder, tear, hope, honey

07. Favorite star sign?

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Me myself am a Capricorn. Not so fond on that. I'll go with Libra.

08. Opinion on sparkling water?

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I strongly dislike it.

09. Favorite kind of wrapping paper?

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All cute Christmas wrapping papers. Above all I love when people wrap presents on that brown paper and put cool strings and branches. Also newspaper. I'll probably wrap with newspaper this year!

Thank you for reading in case someone did, and merry almost Christmas!!

vilma <33