Hi there,

So, I’m back. It´s nice to see you again, how are you?

I took a look at what I am writing on this blog, and what I’m posting. Its very personal, I’ve come to. The thing about “personal stuff” is very weird though, because even if its personal, we all kind of relate, don’t we? I mean, everyone has personal stuff they struggle with or just carry around with them, and some choose to share it, and other keep it for them selves. I found that I am very open about my struggles and issues, and problems, my love life, my family and so it goes on... I don’t know if that is good or not, but I think its nice for other people to read something they can relate to, especially I do. I get a lot of messages from you guys saying its so nice to read what I feel, because many of you feel the same way. And sometimes its very difficult to open your mouth and speak, so hearing someone saying it for you actually helps a lot.

If you ever feel like its difficult to share your feelings, but you still need to get it out I a 100% recommend sharing it with someone online, anonymous. Because I promise you, someone out there, will relate. We are only humans in the end, we re the same you and I. Just a tips... ;)