I feel like i have lost myself in the person the people who surrounds me expect me to be. I have been lying to myself doing things that i didn´t like to be accepted and have the approbation of my family, friends and social standards. I haven´t done something that i wanted to do in years because i want to do what people want me to do. I try not to think about the thoughts that were telling me that that wasn´t what i wanted, so i keep pushing myself to achieve all this fake goals. I was telling me that that was the only way to achieve success. But now i realize that the only way to be successful is accepting and loving who you are, get better and be true to yourself.
If you are going through something similar i would tell you to stop trying to be other person you are amazing as you are. It is hard to be true to yourself but you will feel so much better after that, so do what you like and don´t be affraid to others opinion. We only live once and we should live the best live we can and help others to be able to have that live.