We live in a globalized world that gives us the opportunity to travel and contact around the world. But we have lost humanity by deciding not to accept people (immigrants) in our country. Xenophobia is a very real problem that is breaking the relationship between people. The people who emigrate do it because in their country they do not have a good life, they do not have work, food, they are at war or even persecuted for religious reasons, ethnic or sexual orientation. Let's stop with this! We are all humans and we have the right to a dignified life, the world is of all, it is true that it is necessary the legalization of these people. But let's remember that they are people like us who only try to improve their lives. I am heartbroken to see the separating families on the USA border and the comments of the Italian Foreign minister. Do not let fear or lack of knowledge lead our countries, try to improve their countries so that no one has to leave their country. Accept with respect and understanding as you would like to be treated in that case and seek good solutions to end the problems of those countries because we should all be able to live happily in our countries. It is not for us to let them have a better life when they have risked their own and their children's to get here. Let's be supportive and compressive. Love!