This is the first time I'm writing here and I think it's the perfect place for us to make a reflection about ours choices in life and what really matters for us to be happy.
Anxiety is what I want to talk about I had experiment a bad crises of it and its so sad to see that so many people now days suffer with this. Some times I get anxiety just to post something on the social midias expecting for someone to notice and if they don't I simply get so sad,I feel like I don't belong with any group of society an then when you stop to think about that maybe you realy don't belong to any of that bullshit. We need to expresse more our feeling and not give a shit about what others will think, we need to stop slaving ourselfs to be perfect because perfection doesn't exist. We are who we are and if we want to change then we will chance for ourselfs and not for anyone else.
Love yourself first so you can love those around you!
Anxiety is a is an illness so please ask for help, talk with someone about it, DON'T LET THIS KEEP YOU TO BE HAPPY.
xoxo Mica.