" The fears we don't face become our limits. "

We all know that change is inevitable - it is the one constant thing present in every individual's life. Going through a hard change (for example, a breakup) is always different in terms of how people choose to deal with it.

So here are some tips and reminders I'd like to share with relation to getting through hard changes in life. Hopefully, this article will help you gain some insight!

ยป acknowledge & accept

For me, I believe that everything happens for a reason. So when I get a dreadful, nerve-wracking feeling that some kind of inevitable change is approaching, acknowledging the possibility that it's going to happen for a reason calms me. I'd feel more at ease if I were to perceive this change, however drastic it might be, to hold some sort of significance that will lead me to a new point in my life or something greater than I would not have expected.

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I understand that this belief might not something convincing enough to hold onto, but the underlying curiosity inside of me wants to know what comes next every time I come across an inevitable change. Allowing myself to believe and trust that a change will lead me to new lessons and experiences in life gives me a deeper understanding of why I shouldn't run away from changes, no matter how intimidating the unknown might be.

ยป divert your energy

We're often so focused on the things that " went wrong " when we undergo changes that we tend to forget that there are still other aspects in our lives that are going fine.

Take the energy you're using to miss someone, being mad at another, worrying about a test or an interview, etc and redirect it to something else. Re-channeling your energy to, for example, a hobby does not simply mean that you're finding a way to distract yourself from the unavoidable change.

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Our emotions are so strong when we undergo hard changes - whether it's anger, sadness, hurt, etc or several of them at once - they might potentially give us breakthroughs in other areas of our lives if we seize the opportunity to divert our energy somewhere else. Focusing on other things also allow us to look at the change with a fresh perspective after we spent some time working on bettering ourselves in one area instead of being stuck wasting our emotions away in another area.

ยป self-reminders

Yes, there are always going to be inevitable changes in our lives. I can keep trying to find a loophole around them, but instead of desperately trying to avoid a change entirely, reminding myself that I am the one in the driver's seat of my life gives me a newfound sense of hope and motivation to trust that:

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There will be changes that come knocking on your door, but you will always have two important choices: how you choose to let them affect you and how you choose to react when you undergo them.

ยป the process

There's no way to hope that your problems would disappear without you having to go through it or coming up with a solution. All of us has to go through our own hard changes. Take it step by step, day by day, and trust both yourself and the journey that you'll:

  • come out from the change even stronger than you previously were
  • learn a lot from the tough experience
  • understand other perspectives when facing future challenges easier

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