What's something that you have to start saying "yes" to?

Yep, this week has been very busy (it still will be), but I am able to write some here again today.

So, I have a hard time to say yes at a lot of things. As soon as someone asks me something I have to think about it for a while, I kind of weigh the pros and cons with everything. For example, the positive and negative things with a day out with friends. What could go wrong and what that potentially could lead to. A fear of the unknown, I would say. Well, mabye not a fear in that sense, it is more as if I do not want to risk it going wrong. Is that just me?

As this text may be short, it is still important. By saying no to things you will miss out on fun days or necessary moments in life. Shouldn't we all just start to say yes to more things, for ourselves and our future? I don't want to miss out on important opportunities, do you? Sure, you feel safe by saing no since there are few risks with it, but how far will you come in life without any chances? Think about it for a while, mabye change your attitude towards some things, it may be more fun or important for you than it seems.

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