here's the trick on how to cut out chocolate from your life: you can't.
you could try but you'll be disappointed I say this from previous experience,
but maybe just maybe God will give me the strength to do this for a week.

I'm sure there are a rare species of god knows what that can handle not eating chocolate for days, weeks or god forbid even months. My relationship with chocolate is abnormal I crave it every second of every day, I truly don't remember the last time I went through an entire day without eating chocolate, I know I know that's nowhere near "healthy" but I'm way past trying to be healthy.

and now we enter with high hopes soon to be crushed

Day 1: the craving that I had today was possibly stronger than all my previous craving, and it doesn't help that my mother got CHOCOLATE CARAMEL BROWNIES yes you heard me, that sounds like the best thing ever right now, i'm quite disappointed in my mother, she rarely gets chocolate but "coincidently" when I started doing this challenge she felt the need to get chocolate while she's on a diet might I add, okay that's enough ranting for now. I truly don't know how I had the willpower to not eat the brownies yes yes you heard me correctly I did not eat the brownies the accomplishment that I felt was unlike any other, so I decided to treat myself to "NutiLight". Some might accuse me of cheating but it is "sugar-free" so does it truly count as cheating?