Day 10 : "Write about something you are excited about."

Hello, everyone! We're on day 10 now and the challenge for today is to write something I am excited about. I don't really know, I'm not really excited about anything unless the fact that December is only 2 days away and I can't wait for the festive season.

Just for a disclaimer, I don't celebrate Christmas , if you've read my day 4 post, you know that I'm Moslem. But I've always love the vibes that Christmas brings. So yeah, here are the things why I'm excited about the festive season.

  • I'm going home at the end of December
angels, death, and friendship image
So yeah, I'm a busy ass college student (not really my choice) and it's been a month since I was last home and I won't be home again until towards the end of december. I'm so excited about going home and meeting people that I care about.
  • The decorations
christmas, winter, and light image christmas, city, and decorations image
Again, I don't celebrate christmas so my family never decorate our house for the occasion but I always love it when I see that stores, restaurants are dressing up for christmas. The lights are pretty and giving me warmth, the christmas tree is always a sight to see. You know, decorations.
  • Christmas songs and movies
christmas, winter, and holiday image christmas and songs image polar express, believe, and christmas image christmas, the polar express, and santa image
I think that songs and movies with christmas theme are always better than just the ordinary ones. My fav christmas song is Christmas by Michael Buble and my fav christmas movie is prob polar express.

See you on Day 11