Hello my lovely hearters!!

I just want to start off by saying a massive, massive THANK YOU! I have never gotten 450 hearts on anything that I have posted, but you (yes, I'm looking at you, beautiful) have given me just that by hearting my previous article " How To Survive Exams". It really made my day. Heck, my whole week! I will link that article down below if you haven't already checked that out 😊

So as of the 17th of November, I officially graduated from year 12, from Churchlands Senior High School in Western Australia. I would like to say that it was fun and exciting but the reality of it is that it was a 3 hour ceremony, my butt became numb from sitting for so long and my legs became jelly when I was standing on stage, shaking the principals' hand and recieving my graduation papers. I had mixed emotions because I was excited to leave and go to university (or college) and start a new chapter of my life. But I was also sad because I was never again going to see some of the teachers that helped me through the hard 5 years of high school and I was also going to miss some of the people that I had seen for those 5 years. As the head girl of our high school said, " I will not miss the classrooms, but I will miss the people in those classrooms".

I don't want to make this article a sob story but I did want it to be a positive and uplifting one. As I sit at home, doing practically nothing, I looked back over everything that has happened this past year and saw that during this stressful final year of high school, I hadn't been taking care of my self. So I figured that other people like me have probably done the same thing. So, here it is! The After Graduation Care Package!

1. SLEEP!!!

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After all the late nights stressing over exams, tests, assignments and projects that you need to complete for school, it is probably a given that you've gone to sleep in the am's and have only had round about 3-4 hours of sleep before getting up and going to school. Now that you have graduated, you can have long sleep ins!! Yay!!! Make up all that time that you haven't slept. Goodnight.💤🛌

2. Eat.

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Now, if your like me, you've woken up (late of course!) and only have time to grab a nut bar, a quick coffee or nothing at all. This is seriously bad as your body needs the food. It is the fuel for your engine. Now that you have graduated, you can make whatever you want to eat in the morning or if you've slept in a lovely brunch! Along as it's healthy, that is all that matters. Bon Appétit!!

3. Read.

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I am a total, total bookworm. So, naturally as I finished high school, I finally was able to pick up a book that was actually interesting to me and it wasn't a school book! If you want to be technical with it, reading has been proven to heighten and expand your range of imagination and creativity and is also a great (and scientific) way of reducing stress. Go forth, young book reader and dive into another world in a book you love. Happy Reading!!

4. Netflix and Chill.

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The chilling adventures of Sabrina, Riverdale and Stranger Things, HERE I COME!!! Now that you've graduated, you can binge watch as many netflix episodes as you want. You can now go back and catch up on all the episodes that you missed, thanks to those annoying tests and exams. I'm personally wanting to relive the moment when Lara Jean and Peter fell for each other. Can't wait!!!

5. YouTube.

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Ok, well the next best thing from Netflix is Youtube. I can easily spend hours on Youtube and the next thing you know, it's 1 am and you have no idea how time managed to move that fast. I am personally at this moment am watching Youtubers such as Rydel Lynch, New Hope Club's channel and another youtuber named Ashley but her channel name is bestdressed. Go show them some love people!!

6. Movies.

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Schools out and I figured that going to the movies with your friends or family is the best thing to do after you've graduated. I personally really want to go see, the Nutcracker, The Grinch and A Star is Born.I'm even debating whether I should watch Home Alone again. I probably will! Buttery popcorn and my besties. A perfect activity for after graduation.

7. Cooking.

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Have you ever wanted to release your inner chef? Ever wanted to pretend you were part of Masterchef or Chopped?? Well, here is your chance! With plenty of time on your hands, you can cook to your hearts content!! Just make sure you don't burn yourself or the kitchen down!!!!!

8. Beauty/Pampering Session.

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Grab the squad, get changed into pajamas and get ready for face masks and painting your nails! I think that after a stressful final year of high school, you deserve to treat your body well but pampering yourself. Not only will you relax but you will feel and look heaps better!!

9. Exercise and Health

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I know. I know. Most people would read this and would say, " Exercise!? Are you serious? No way!!". And to be honest with you, I would probably shrug my shoulders and say fair enough. But the thing is that it is important to keep fit and make sure that your body is doing ok. This means that exercising and going to the doctors for a check up is the best thing to do! Trust me, it's better for you in the long run.

10. Relax.

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FINALLY!!! Now is the time for you to take a step back and reflect on high school, or university or college and how you managed through the hard times and came out of it alive! Time to take a huge deep breath and relax and let go of all the stress and the trauma of this hard school year. The time for you is now!!

And that is it!!! I really hope this helps anyone who has just graduated from high school, college or univeristy and has no current idea of what to do with there lives or to make them feel relaxed and cool, calm and collected again. I also want to say a massive Congratulations because you made it. It may have been tough and horrible at some points but it is all part of life. When one door closes, another will open for you.

If you are reading this and have not yet finished, HANG IN THERE!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I believe in you!! It may be tough and you just want to curl up into a ball and hyperventilate. But seriously, time flys quickly and before you know it, it will all be over. Believe me! It only feels like yesterday, I was walking into this unknown territory, as a scared 13 year old, with scary big kids looking down at you as if you are a fallen leaf. My advice for you is to stop. Take a minute to regain yourself and stay determined to finish and get great results in whatever you want to achieve. You've got it girl!!!

Be confident and radiate kindness,
Brittany xx ❤💕😘

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