1. Tell me I'm a wreck, Every Avenue

"I guess you never knew me at all"

2. I fall apart, Post Malone

"All these scars, can't help from showin'"

3. Tu amor, Charly Garcia y Pedro Aznar

"No voy a esperar que el destino hable por mi"

4. Cassette, Ayokay

"The more I fight it, the more you've got a hold on me"

5. Shallow, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

"In the bad times I fear myself"

6. Vertigo, Khalid

"I wish I was more outspoken but the words are out of reach"

7. Lost for words, Pink Floyd

"To martyr yourself to caution is not going to help at all"

8. comethru, Jeremy Zucker

"It's alright to not be fine on your own"

9. Against all odds, Phil Collins

"How can you just walk away from me, when all I can do is watch you leave"

10. Seminare, Seru Giran

"Si pudieras olvidar tu mente frente a mí, sé que tu corazón diría que sí"