hello beauties, Christmas is my favourite time of the year and it gives me a lot of inspiration, so, I'm here today to suggest you 25 Christmas movies although I'm pretty sure that most of you have already seen them. However, once is never enough, so hope you enjoy it!

1) The Nightmare Before Christmas

animated, christmas, and Halloween image the nightmare before christmas, christmas, and arte image
even the most "scary" creatures are enchanted by the magic of Christmas

2) The Polar Express

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you have to believe

3) Ice Age- A Mommoth Christmas

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one of my favorites

4) Love Actually

love, perfect, and love actually image love actually, hugh grant, and movie image
all I want for Christmas is you

5) A Dennis The Menace Christmas

well, I could not find some photos but it's one of the funniest and most christmas movies you'll ever see, I swear

6) Jingle All The Way

90s, christmas, and film image funny, gif, and suck image
also, one of my favorites

7) Bad Santa

film, new year, and bad santa image Image removed
sometimes this movie is so relatable to me

8) A Christmas Carol, Disney

Temporarily removed disney and a christmas carol image
all time classic

9) Blizzard

no photos again, not as popular as some other movies but it represents the magic of Christmas

10) This Christmas

this is one of my favorites because it's about family Christmas, a comedy with a lot of "hidden" messages, must watch

11) Nativity 1

Image removed Image removed
adorable little children

12) Nativity 2

david tennant and nativity 2 image christmas, david tennant, and Nativity image
the truth is I like this more than the first one

13) Elf

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so funny, so Christmas classic

14) Christmas With The Kranks

christmas, favorite, and jamie lee curtis image christmas with the kranks image
funny af

15) Miracle On 34th Street

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a classic one

16) How the Grinch Stole Christmas

christmas, grinch, and the grinch image grinch, christmas, and dog image
"help me, I'm feeling"

17) Arthur Christmas

Temporarily removed Image by bโ‚‘โ‚แตคโ‚œy แตขโ‚› แตขโ‚™โ‚œโ‚‘แตฃโ‚™โ‚โ‚—
this is the only movie I have watched only one time, but I like it

18) Four Christmases

four christmases image Reese Witherspoon, vince vaughn, and cute image
one of the funniest Christmas movies, again

19) The Santa Clause 1

christmas, christmas tree, and winter image the santa clause and christmas movie image
a must watch movie

20) The Santa Clause 2

christmas, holidays, and in love image christmas and winter image
this movie reminds me the pattern I had for the Santa Clause as a child

21) Fred Claus

christmas movie and fred claus image christmas, movie, and fred claus image
funny enough

22) A Christmas Story

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
a classic Christmas movie

23) Home Alone 1

christmas, home alone, and merry christmas image 90s, christmas, and gif image
well, my all time favorite, this movie will always reminds me of the most wonderful Christmas

24) Home Alone 2- Lost In New York

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
no matter how many times I've seen this movie, I will never bore it

25) Home Alone 4

I could not find photos because it's not as popular as the first two but still it's worth it

well, you can also check my Christmas Collection for more inspiration

hope you enjoy it,
hohoho, Anna