Sorryyyy. Yes I know I haven't posted but i have been very busy with school.But I am back, and better.
So those are my top 5 movies that everybody has to watch.

If I stay

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This is my all the time fav movie. It is about a girl who is in coma from an accident but all of her family member died and she has to choose if she will live or if she will die.What does she choose?


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The movie that i have cried days for. A boy falls in love with a girl but she doesn't want to be in a relationship, she has to study and love isn't her first priority. But the boy doesn't stop and she falls for him too and they get married but one day the boy get lost. What has happened to him?This is a turkish movie.

Paper towns

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She loved mysteries so much, that she became one. 2 teens go on adventures over a night but the next day the girl has lost. Where is she? The boy with his friend go on an adveture to find her? Do they find her?

Before I fall

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A girl lives the same day in repeat. Why? In the end of the day she dies and she has to fix some things before she goes (before she falls).

Black Panther

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I am not just a romantic movies lover. I love action and adveturous movies too and I can say this one was the best in that category. I don't know how to describe this but i only know that you will fall in love. You have to watch it.

I am a movie obssesed person and i love a lot of movie and maybe i will do a part 2.
See you all on my next article.
Love ya.

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