In March 2017 I was in the hospital. I was diagnosed with diffuse toxic goiter or thyrotoxicosis. The doctors scared me with the operation and were surprised that I was still alive and looking good. I had tachycardia also.

At that period of time i was pretty negative person, with negative thoughts. I was angry with people without any reasons.

Then i realised negative thoughts was bad for me first. Living with an agony in my head was horroble.

I started to change my life from myself. Now i'm trying to live in harmony with my mind and my body. And it's much more better life. I feel good. I see positive things everywhere.

And when i came to the doctor again she said "you're fine". There was no goiter. My heart is fine, my hormones are normal. I am shoked but happy.

Now i don't want to come back to negative thoughts again.