dylan o'brien

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"this is life and imperfection is beautiful and don’t be afraid of that."
- dylan obrien
Image by kingzeko teen wolf, stiles stilinski, and dylan o'brien image dylan obrien image dylan, teen wolf, and the maze runner image

timothée chalamet

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pain is enough, you don't have to beat yourself up because of pain. that's a whole other layer you don't need
- timothée chalamet
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hero fiennes-tiffin

after, aftermovie, and hessa image
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harry styles

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Temporarily removed Harry Styles, one direction, and 1d image Image by — a. Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image

zayn malik

zayn malik, one direction, and icon image
Image by cecilia ❤ Image by cecilia ❤ zayn, zayn malik, and one direction image zayn, zayn malik, and boy image

juwany roman

flamingeos image
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manu rios

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josh heuston

josh heuston image
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herman tømmeraas

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harvey cantwell

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dylan geick

dylan geick image
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jackson krecioch

jackson krecioch image
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martinez twins

martínez twins, team 10, and ivan martinez image
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carlton boys

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special mentions

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lucas jade zumann
river phoenix, boy, and 90s image
river pheonix
ethan cutkosky image
ethan cutkosky
justin bieber, Hot, and justin image
justin bieber
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noah centineo
leonardo dicaprio, boy, and young image
leonardo dicaprio
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nick robinson
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brandon flynn
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