never expected you to come back into my life like this

my only wish would be it would be us living our dreams together
but the universe played in our favor even though its what tore us apart

you wanted to stay and I needed LA

what is there for us to do if our dreams are what created the distance,
is there any hope of them bringing us back together?

two nights is all it took for me to become addicted to you all over again
the 6 month progress of getting use to being without you
all disappeared within two nights.
within hours I was on my way back to you
164 miles and 1 a.m. couldn't stop me from driving to you
once again I was within your warmth
unbelievable but yet so happy

I know everyone is against us
we shouldn't go any further into this
we should just stop before anyone gets severely hurt all over again
but I love how well you compliment me
you inspire me
you make me a better me

already I crave your warm touch
and it's only been 24 hours
but there was so much bad within our good
its hard to pick this back up

let's face the fact.
we're not leaving where we live,
what's the point in doing all this if in the end
we're going no where