Being in a group of three usually never works out. There will always be two best friends and one person who is just there pretending to have the same bond. You can't confront the two of them for being excluded because you can't exactly explain what you feel and see to them without sounding jealous or crazy.

Their behaviour is different towards your other friend and more favourable. You are excluded from their Friday outing and you can't find a reason why because on Sunday you're all together laughing like nothing is wrong. You can also notice that they seem to have a closer relationship; they share secrets you might hear about weeks later or possibly never hear about them.

You feel horrible and alone. You start questioning yourself and being critical of your behaviour towards them. You really want to know the reason behind them not inviting you out and acting like the thought of including you in their plans didn't even cross their minds.

You treat them with respect and listen to them. You haven't done anything wrong and you know that. You also know that you are a really private person and don't do sleepovers or invite people often to your house but that doesn't give them the right to exclude you when your behaviour is warm and really friendly. It may also be the fact that you don't want to spend 6 hours on the phone after school and talk to them all day. You may have done it the wrong way by ignoring calls and pretending your phone was on silent but you never made them feel left out or unimportant. Friendships shouldn't be about having to be so attached and so extremely close to one person that you have no time for yourself to even think or breathe. It shouldn't be stifling.

You haven't done anything to lose their trust and you actively make plans with them. You show that you care but they still make you feel like an outsider. They start excluding you even more, they go out without you all the time but the act normal around you in school. They even have the nerve to tell you about how much fun it was without even considering that this could be making you feel horrible.

You talk to one of them and ask them why this is happening (let's call her Eve). Eve tells you that everything is fine and that they're not excluding you, that they "made plans at the last minute". After you express how you feel, things start to get a bit better but soon enough it happens again. This time you can really tell that they are talking behind your back because they weren't careful enough to hide it.

You decided that all 3 of you are going to meet at the mall at around 6 o'clock. Your father came home earlier and offered to drive you there. He is usually the one to pick you up with both your friends from your outings. You decide to text Eve who lives closer by if she wants a ride to the mall with you, but she says that she has to do some errands with her mother before she comes to the mall. So you ask your other friend (lets call her Laura), if she would like a ride and responds by saying that she has to tidy up the house.

You think it is rather odd that they both sent out the texts at the exact same time though. So you know that they are lying. When you finally all meet at the mall they come together with shopping bags and balloons from a new shop that opened that is quite far from their houses. Eve didn't have to do errands with her mother and Laura didn't have to tidy up the house. It's not possible to both have done what they claimed they needed to do and go out shopping together in the span of 40 minutes. It was obviously planned. Anger builds up within you. The atmosphere is tense and nobody is having fun, they knew that you were not feeling comfortable around them. They purposely lied to you, so you wouldn't have to join them.

Then Laura asks you, "Is your father going to picks us up?", with a look of certainty; like it is expected to happen, as it usually does. You don't even pull out your phone to check if there is a possibility that he might do that and say "No, we're taking the bus". Your tone may have been snappy but it got the message across, you could see it in her face. You weren't about to give her a free ride, while she obviously lied to you and made you feel like shit. She knew that you knew, but you didn't care since you didn't do anything wrong. You didn't confront them though, looking back you should have.

Months passed and being in a group of 3 felt like you were on a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs. Eve started behaving weirdly, started smoking, acting stubborn, not caring about your opinions and getting offended easily. She always had a tendency for stuff like this but it was getting frustrating. Laura started complaining to you over the phone or whenever you were alone about her behaviour and you did too. Then as things started getting more complicated you realised that you were both talking shit about Eve.

You didn't stop though. You and Laura said to each other you were just worried about her, in reality you knew that it wasn't that. She loved talking shit about everyone to make herself feel better and you did it because you somehow wanted to express your anger and you were tired of her whims.

You were playing a game at this point and you could clearly see that that part of the problem was Laura who talked shit and not Eve who acted erratic. Laura probably talked shit about you to Eve just like she talked shit about Eve to you.

Laura had created two teams from a group of 3, you knew it wasn't good. You didn't do anything about it though, you weren't afraid because you knew that nothing that you have said could be turned against you. Things went on this way for a while, you kept on the low and you were both good to both of them.

Then one day, while Laura who seemingly created barriers between the group was away on holidays, you finally had time to be alone with Eve. After a fun day out in the city, you were sitting together eating with her while she was texting Laura. While they exchanged texts back and forth, you could see a shift in Eve's mood. You see, the mistake Laura made, was a tasteless joke. Eve didn't like it. She had a lot of thoughts going inside her head already about Laura since she heard from someone that she was talking shit about her. That person wasn't you though, so you knew you caused nothing. She got offended by the text and stopped talking to her. The text was the boiling point for this "friendship" You may have encouraged her subtly to stop talking to Laura because it was like a form of justice. Whatever you said though, was true. You didn't manipulate anyone and you didn't seek out for trouble.

Once Laura came back from her holidays, they confronted each other and you realised that their strong friendship wasn't that strong. They stopped being friends but kept the basic formalities after a while. You remained friends with both of them. Now, it wasn't a group of 3 but rather 2 groups of 2. You didn't feel sad that it happened even if they believed you did, but you tried to mend their relationship because that was the right thing to do. You can't fix broken glass though.

Karma works in wonderful ways. Now, you don't have to wait in hopes to get invited to places by them. Now, you make your plans yourself and they have to wait for their turn. It's great isn't it?