Or what my day looked like on the 19th of November, 2018 as a Paralegal Studies student.

1. Get up & stretch & get ready

aesthetic, blue, and bed image girl, bed, and aesthetic image apartment, bedroom, and blanket image girl, summer, and style image

2. Breakfast

Image removed decor, home, and kitchen image aesthetic, food, and room image breakfast, food, and nutella image

3. Commute

flowers, train, and aesthetic image bus, lights, and night image collections, commute, and japan image Image removed

4. Class

study, school, and college image study, book, and school image book, college, and concentration image classroom and school image

5. Commute & lunch & commute again

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed rain, bus, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

6. Internship Interview

fashion, style, and outfit image city, architecture, and travel image beautiful life, coffee, and law student image autumn, blazer, and brown image

7. Commute

winter, train, and snow image travel, vintage, and indie image train image music, rain, and car image

8. Study Session

glasses, book, and tumblr image college and study image college, hard work, and school image book, coffee, and cozy image

9. Dinner

girl, vintage, and food image aesthetic, alternative, and asian image Image removed aesthetic, soft, and pastel image

10. Study Session & Relax

Image by ✰ Temporarily removed book, coffee, and autumn image Image removed
Believe you can and you're halfway there.