When I was younger I always tried to make myself belive that i loved me but i failed. I couldn't find anything beautiful about me and that made me feel so empty and sad.

I feel like in school they never talk with us about self love, about anxiety or about how we should act when we feel like drowning, about important stuff that every human has to get through.

So here it's my article about self love which in my oppinion it's one of the most important stuff ever that somebody, no matter of the gender, should have.

I advise you to love yourself, love your sad self, love your happy self, love everything about you, both body and soul.

Love yourself because you deserve it. Love yourself because you're human and you sometimes make mistakes, love yourself because no matter how you look, you are so beautiful. Love yourself because it's you. Everything you see in mirror, that is you and you need to appreciate that, you've been through a lot and you deserve love.

Love yourself because if you don't then who will? You are going to meet people, and those people will leave you from different reasons.In the end it's going to be you and only you so LOVE YOURSELF BABE.