here is the always growing list of places i hope to go during my lifetime. i refuse to die without seeing the world.

London, England

british, english, and europe image london, travel, and plane image around the world, geil, and london image

Copenhagen, Denmark

girl, travel, and city image city, amsterdam, and house image city, amsterdam, and travel image

Santorini, Greece

Greece, santorini, and sea image Temporarily removed travel, dress, and photography image

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

mountains, nature, and people image girl, iceland, and travel image travel, blue, and iceland image

Paris, France

paris, couple, and travel image paris, architecture, and city image france, paris, and photography image

Honolulu, Hawaii

beautiful, maui, and refreshing image Temporarily removed girl, summer, and beach image

Bora Bora

hawaii, sand, and summer image summer, beach, and travel image beach, summer, and sea image

Costa Rica

Temporarily removed africa, asia, and costa rica image nature, travel, and volcano image

New York City

city, new york, and building image city, new york, and street image city, new york, and travel image

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Temporarily removed moon, city, and night image Temporarily removed

i will definitely make a part two of my travel bucket list soon.