Ok, this is so hard for me since at school they bothered me and that made me a very closed person. But this is something I wanted to do for a long time and was to create a blog! Where I would talk about everything I wanted, where if I wanted to talk about fashion without being an object of ridicule for others because I know what I'm worth.
In that blog I will write daily about fashion, makeup, music, movies and many things that inspire me to keep going.

I know it's not very well done but I'm just getting started and I would love with all my heart that you go to see it.

I think you already realized that my native language is not English 😂 but I do what I can.

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My blog is this:

And I put The Bella Crew because I want you all to know that they are beautiful as they are; and that no matter where they come from, they can do great things.

Thank you very much and I hope you like it ❤