Yesterday when I was checking questions on quora, yahoo or even reddit I noticed that one of the most common questions between girls and young women is constanly - How to stop being single? How to get a boyfriend? How to be in a relationship? Oh jeez. Okay, the questions are one thing but the answers and tips! First things first, I'm not an expert in relationships and I don't have a degree in psychology. However, although I'm currently only 23 years old, I'm a very sympathetic person and I like to learn about human emotions and the human mind in general. And I understand that there are various different people - one who love being single and the others who loves being in a relationship. Another thing is, that social media and forums aren't always the best source of information. Even some magazines. Don't get me wrong, I love magazines - my favorites are Vogue, Joy and Cosmopolitan - but most of them are mostly for an older age range and not exactly for teens. Now you're probably asking yourself how it's possible when I've written 'You can't take social media tips seriously' so what you should think about this article? I see what I did. The second most common question on forums is how to be more confident. And the third? I would say 'What guys think about..' Anyway this article is just my personal opinion and a list of experiences from me and my friends. Also I have a lot of male friends so I guess I know something about it. You ready? Let's start.

1) How should you look like?
Okay sweetie. First of all, if the guy is normal, it doesn't really depend on how much you weight or what's your hair color. Your weight is important only if :

- he's a bodybuilder - these guys usually choose girls with the same interests as them, so if he's all muscle... well it would be nice if you were too

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- you suffer from anorexia, bulimia or are morbidly obese - say or think whatever you want but this is just not healthly. And nobody wants to date someone who's ill and needs special help. Something different is if you're in a relationship with him and, for example you are under pressure because of school, you're stressed and you deal with stress better when you eat a lot and therefore you gain so much weight - that's a completely different scenario.

So what's the ideal body type? When you're healthly and you love yourself. Every guy is different and while someone loves curves, the other likes supermodel bodies. And it's okay. We're all unique and the only thing you have to do is just to find someone who's favorite body type is your own. For example, one of my male friends likes girls who are short and little bit chubby. My boyfriend told me that he prefers girls who little bit shorter than he is and my bro said that he likes those ones who aren't obsessed with diets and instead of counting calories they do sports.

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2) How about hair and make-up?

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Just like with body, the same goes for makeup and hairstyles. Everyone likes a different hair color. As long as your hair is clean, well-kept and you don't look like an evil witch from a Grimms fairytale... everything is okay. Trust me. When it comes to make-up, everyone likes something else. Some guys like girls who are bare-faced, the others like barbies... There's, again, just one exception. It is okay if you wear blue eyeshadow, huge fake lashes or green lipstick. But - your make up must be decent. Always choose either eye-catching lips or eye-catching eyes. Never both.

3) Clothes
With clothes it's the same as with make-up. Ultra short skirts, very deep necklines or ultra high stilettos are okay. But choose only one of these. The rest of your outfit MUST be decent. High heels? Choose jeans and some classic shirt like Sofía Vergara. Mini shorts or mini skirt? Choose a loose jacket, shirt or sweatshirt and sneakers like Becky G. And what to do when you wanna wear a shirt or dress with deep neckline? Do it like Angelina Jolie - the only eye-cathing part of her look is the neckline.

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In conclusion : Thanks to these tips you can still be excess but at the same time classy and stylish.

4) Hobbies and interests
You must have them. Really. Girls who are passionate about something seem more attractive. It doesn't matter if you love books, train your pet dog, go to theater, write a blog, collect something or just want to see the world and travel a lot. The point is, that girls who only care about their appearance seem selfish and very shallow. There's nothing wrong with loving make-up, clothes, hair products and nail polish. But it MUSN'T be your ONLY interest. Otherwise you seem like an airhead.

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5) Common sense
Although in pop culture and high school movies are airheads very popular, guys aren't really into them. Okay, they are but only if they want... the one thing. For a guy, who's looking for a one-night-stand are these type of girls perfect but for someone who is looking for a long term relationship.. it's a huge no. You don't have to be like Einstein. All you need is just understanding and knowing basic things.

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6) Be yourself
Be proud no matter who you are. There's significant other for everyone. To be honest, to attract a guy you need to be different than the others. We're all born orginal so don't be afraid to show the real you. Just because skirts are trendy, you don't have to wear them if you don't want to. Just because your classmates all dye their hair completely different color as their natural, you don't have to do it too if you don't want to. Just because all girls wear make-up, you don't have to wear make-up too. Change your style only if you feel that way and really want to do it. If you're a tomboy and other girls make fun of you because of it, just ignore it. I know it's difficult but you can do it. Besides, many boys are attracted to tomboys because tomboys have similiar interests and are more fun to be with. Take a look at Mila Kunis - she's a true tomboy by heart and she's one of the funniest actresses of today. Or Lilly Singh - her youtube channel is one of the popular and succesful one.

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7) Love your flaws. Or ignore them.
Just like Cady Heron in the popular movie Mean Girls says : “I used to think there was just fat and skinny. But apparently, there are lots of things that can be wrong on your body.”
The thing is - nobody's perfect. And even if they seem perfect, you have seriously no idea what struggles they have to deal with. For example, you meet a girl who's beautiful, has good grades, comes from a rich family and has a boyfriend who's a total sweetheart. The perfect life, right? But what do you know. Maybe her parents mentally neglect her. Maybe they never have time to spend some time with her and all the stuff they buy for her is for distracting her attention.
Anyway, the point is, never be jelous and be happy with yourself.

What to do when :

☼you're short : You can wear any high heels you want, there's a zero chance you will be taller than your boyfriend and there are a lot fashion tricks how to seem taller. Besides, Vanessa Hudgens, Lady Gaga, Jordyn Jones or Ariana Grande are short too.

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☼you're way too tall: If you're skinny too then you have a great chance to be a supermodel. Also if you gain a little weight it's not immediately so obvious and tall women generally look graceful. Enjoy it. Oh, and Adriana Lima, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne or Emily Ratajkowski are tall too.

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☼you don't have curves: Sweetie. Fashion will be your best friend. You can wear any color, any pattern, any style you want and everything looks good on you. Look at Paris Hilton - she used to be an icon back in the 2000s and she still inspires girls all around the world with her fashion creations.

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☼you have a baby face: Oh common. Actually it's really cute. Besides, you look younger and you will look young even if you will be in your 40s. Take a look at Dove Cameron, Miranda Kerr or Selena Gomez.

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☼you're painfully shy: Being shy isn't always a bad thing. At least there is a lower chance you will say something stupid or embarassing. Besides, there are guys who like girls who seem hard to get so don't worry, just because you are not talkative it doesn't mean you will die alone. What to do? Smile more and try to look your best. Although you can't get attention through words, you can get attention by being sweet, talented and pretty. And of course find something you're really good at. Finding a hobby in which you can be successful can help you. Try singing, drawing, writting, learn new languages...Take a look at Gabriella Montez from High School Musical or Twyla from Monster High.

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☼ you can't find your talent: ...and you feel like the real life version of Sue Heck from The Middle. First things first, ask your relatives about what they are good at. If your mum is a talented singer, there's a big chance you can sing too. Ask and find out. And about the failing.. it's all about attitude. Don't think - I'm so stupid and I can't do anything right. Instead of that - Okay, I tried and I failed. But it doesn't matter. I will find something else. I'm sure this time I will get it.

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☼you didn't find your style yet: It is okay. Some people don't have their own style even in their 30s, so take your time, try various styles and I'm sure you will find it. Also it is possible that you like two completely different styles - like for example me. I love being dressed as Barbie but at the same time I love tomboyish clothes. And it's okay. Besides, looking the same way every day can be very boring.

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8) Be mentally ready for a relationship
Some girls wants boyfriends only because everyone else is taken, so they want to be taken too. WRONG. Ignore the pressure. Ignore the people who constantly ask you when will you have a boyfriend/get married/have kids. It's your life, not theirs. You must feel that way. You must be sure you actually want it. That little voice inside you will tell you. Trust me. The problem is that nowadays people take relationships not so serious and it causes lots of trouble, for example - one loves more, they have different expectations or they just find out they aren't really a match because they rushed into relationships. Don't get me wrong, the following celebrities are my favorite but they are a great example how relationships shouldn't be.

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►Kim Kardashian - remember her marriage with Kris Humphries? It lasted only 72 days.
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►Ariana Grande - although we love her, sometimes she seems (at least to me) that she's addicted to relationships and can't be single. Good examples are her relationship with Big Sean or her engagement with Pete Davidson.
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►Taylor Swift - boyfriend to boyfriend, song to song, album to album...

I'm not hating on them. I just want to say don't rush into a relationship just because the society thinks being single is wrong or just because you're heavily attracted. Take your time, talk a lot about everything with that person and you know, just get to know each other. Then you can officialy consider your status as taken.

9) Learn the difference between being hopeless, bored, sexually attracted and being in love
All these terms mean something completely different. And you should know their meanings before you get into a relationship. Otherwise instead of a cute, couple-goals-like relationship it will be a lots of drama and you and your ex will call each other names.
► hopeless - basically it means you're sad, can't stand being alone and the status single drives you crazy. You believe your boyfriend will solve your personal drama and make everything better. WRONG. You first have to be happy with yourself. Nobody can solve your problems, it must be you. The others can just give you tips.
►bored - similiar to hopeless except you want a relationship just because... you have nothing to do? All your friends have? To be honest, you personally have no idea. You just want to have a boyfriend and that's all that matters.
►sexually attracted - lots of girls and women mistake this with true love. How to know the difference? It's easy. Do you know something deep about this person? Can you imagine your future with him? No? Then it's clear.
►being in love - the only feeling you will know for sure

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So these are my nine tips which will help you both being comfortable in your own skin and getting a boyfriend. About what should I write next? What would you like to read about? Let me know!
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